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Club Europa

Report by:

Herbert Wilczek-sen

While I have been focusing on oxygen and water for the last 15 years as well as studying the different research results of Dr. J. Ibanez, Prof. M. van Ardenne and Prof. Dr. med. Pakdaman,

I gave preference to live experience. Accordingly, because theories are only temporary spirit of the age explanation models, in 1997 I built and opened the:

Institute for Oxygen, Research & Test Methods Club Europa

in EMPURIABRAVA (Costa Brava)

What the Club - Europa, wishes to introduce as a concept respectively hypothesis about the “therapy method of the future” is an extract from my many years of experience with oxygenated water test results and the research results of Dr. Ibanez, Dr. Pakdaman and Dr. Ardenne.

I was able to produce proof of the actual effects through corresponding test methods with test subjects.

In the process it became increasing clear to me that the old models of explanation for the biochemical role of oxygen are entirely inadequate. This presented me with a challenge. The deeper I studied oxygen, the more inscrutable it seemed to me. Slowly it became apparent to me that I had again gotten myself into a tightrope walk and was again scraping prehistoric rock, was in danger of overtaxing myself. On the one hand my goal was to provide a compressed yet simplified illustration of the fundamental meaning of oxygen for health yet on the other hand I could only explain the phenomenal effect of oxygen and water bio-chemically and physiologically. So the difficulty was: How could I plausibly present the effect of oxygenated water in an easily understandable but more profound way to those who have no previous biochemical and medical knowledge?

A sophisticated description of the function of oxygen can be given on the molecular level, however you are always explaining the same reactions. For a more in-depth understanding of oxygen this type of reality description will not suffice. It is too confined to the boundaries of logic, only capturing one aspect of reality, perhaps the smallest one because it is too mechanical.

The „air element“ oxygen has a sanguine temperament by nature and that of water is phlegmatic. What happens when these two so very different temperaments come into effect together is shown to us by oxygenated water; something downright wondrous happens.

Then there are also the photons. Oxygen atoms (O 2 ) have the most intimate contact with sunlight and for this reason are the carriers of light. Considering our multidimensional reality, we may not disregard what this means for understanding the nature of water more profoundly. More on this can be found in my little manual on oxygenated water.

There are however no doubts about the fact that the existence of all living beings, without exception, depend on the existence of the two elementary “life givers” oxygen and water. The availability of oxygen and water decide over existence or non-existence. Water and oxygen had to have been existent for living organisms to have developed in the primordial seas approximately one billion years ago. Their organ structure and metabolism were geared toward the quantitative and qualitative availability of these two elements. Thus the bio-energetic processes of these organisms depended on having sufficient water and oxygen at their disposal. Oxygen takes on the role of a turbo accelerator in the transport of electrons. It heats the fire of combustion, it metabolizes the nutrients in the cells and provides quick removal of waste products. Lack of oxygen (hypoxia) and also the lack of water (dehydration) is very dangerous for the cells. Lack of oxygen leaves the burning up of the nutrients incomplete. The result is “trash” collection in the cells, a downright “self-poisoning” through scoriae that the blood can no longer transport away. Oxygen is the fire in us that burns up the intracellular metabolic scoriae, moves them. Water is the suitable transport vehicle that provides the influx of nutrients as well as the speedy removal of the scoriae. If it were possible to completely exchange all the water in a body every time it is just still within tolerable pollution levels, man would remain young for very long time. The majority of the cells die of their own elimination poisons, that is to say they degenerate in the polluted cell water which makes up 70% of their cell mass. So pure water and its exchange at the right time assisted by the energy of oxygen is the deciding prerequisite for health and vitality.

Eating a healthy diet and taking herbs, vitamins or even medications can hardly achieve anything when an organism does not have sufficient energy at its disposal. The necessary energy for the burning up of fat and carbohydrates is provided by oxygen. Its constant availability in great enough amounts is the energetic foundation for all regenerative and healing processes! That this is not feasible through natural means for many people despite growing health awareness is because evolution actually created us for a stone age life. Modern civilization however offers many negative living conditions and ecologic factors that a single person has little or no influence on. The brilliant idea of enhancing water with oxygen makes it possible for everyone to easily solve the problem of oxygen deficiency while at the same time providing themselves with the necessary amounts of water.

signed: Herbert Wilczek-sen

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