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What means FRESH-02

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oxygen – elixir of life

Oxygen application

The per oral oxygen therapy

The physiological effectiveness

Study of the pharmacology and toxicology

of the University of Munich

Oxydative Stress

The healing power of the water

Quality improvement of the water after enrichment with Oxygen

Oxygen sources recede rapidly!

What do health professionals say

The „robber-knights“ of the organism – the free radicals

In the reduction lies the increase!

Potable water in PET or glassbottles

Durability of potable water in bulk containers

Mobile oxygen production constructions for the conservation

of potable water in bulk containers.



Nowadays we hardly find any food, which is not “denatured”, forged or even contaminated by environmental influences.

Our drinking water is not excluded from those influences because through floor loading, which is produced by human hand, the quality of our potable water is often catastrophic in some places and sometimes even undrinkable already.

That problem is indeed well known but is mostly hushed up or ignored. Potable water is only – water –, which is needed and used by the individual human, but the individual is not aware of its importance for the wheel of life.

How important the element water – in particular potable water – for our body is we often only notice when it is too late.

Through development of a technological process it is possible to increase the oxygen level of potable water and naturally also of water for domestic use.

The average of oxygen content of tap water, as we have it in big cities, lies at 4 to 6 mg per litre, in clean spring water that value lies up to 11 mg per litre.

With the help of that new technology, it is possible to reach an oxygenation of water up to 500 mg per litre. Here it gets clear, that the method mentioned above one is able to produce, out of death water, how we get it out of the water pipes in the big cities – oxygen-rich water, and therefore to work against a general aggravation of our quality of life.

Who had never felt “tired and floppy” and had said, “I am going outside now to take some fresh air” or “to stock up on oxygen”?

How near the correlation to energy is gets very clear through such idioms. Health, vitality, productivity and well-being are linked to a high potential of energy in the body because life and energy belong together.

Oxygen is requirement for energy. Oxygen means energy because our body only can convert nutriments (fat, protein, carbohydrates) in cooperation with vital substances (vitamins, mineral nutrients, trace elements) in energy, if there is enough oxygen.

As we cannot store oxygen, we are reliant on a continuous supply of oxygen lifelong.

During failure to administration of oxygen as well as disturbance of health which can be linked to anoxia, oxygen enriched water can help and bring us relief.

The general condition can be noticeable improved very quickly.

Power output and motivation will be increased; the vitality increases and pleasures of life grow through mood lifting features of the oxygen water.

In consequence of the described undersupply of oxygen above and our modern way of living, the oxygen content in our blood is too low because most people “do too less exercises, stay in closed rooms for the whole day, have bad breathing, do not drink enough water, etc.”

The simplest relief can be reached through a change of ones way of living like “doing more sports, more exercises in fresh air and environment, learning and practising techniques of breathing and exercises, etc.” Alternatively, one starts to drink water which contains of sufficient oxygen and which hands it over to the blood.

Through an innovative, special procedure it is possible to bind oxygen profoundly and everlasting to water.


Oxygen – elixir of life

Health, vitality, productivity and well-being are bound at a high-energy capability of the body. Oxygen cannot be stored. An optimal supply with oxygen at any time is premise for a complete, efficient metabolism.

Our body takes oxygen generally through respiration. Also through all pores, the body can additionally be supplied with oxygen. The air that we breathe contains approximately 21% oxygen.

The oxygen absorption depends on the oxygen partial pressure (pO2). It is equal to the percentage of oxygen portion of the air pressure and it amounts about 160 mmHg. Which pO2 is available in the lungs is depending on the respiratory volume. The larger the respiratory volume the more fresh air acquire the lungs and the higher is the pO2, in the commonsense the normal case is about 100 mmHg in the lungs.

The oxygen trespasses trough diffusion in the lungs (alveolus) and is there detached or rather bound to the red blood pigment haemoglobin. The immediate oxygen spreading at the cells takes place over finest vessel arborisation (capillary).

The oxygen reaches the cell through perfusion. Driving force is the pO2 of the arterial blood. It is a good indicator for the oxygen status and the instantaneous oxygen- and energy potential of the body.

In the cell, the oxygen is used for biological oxidation (burning). At that multi-stage running biochemical reaction (“respiratory chain”) arise from oxygen and nutrient in the cells those for people utilisable forms of energy mainly the ATP (adenosine-tri-phosphate).

Therefore, the higher the pO2 in the blood the better and the more complete can those biological oxidations go on.

Oxygen application

A good oxygen supply of our somatic cells is very important and even essential for our health.

Although, most people do often not know that, oxygen cannot only be absorbed by our lungs but also through our skin and the mucous membranes in our gastrointestinal tract. Through our sedentary and akinetic lifestyle, through smoking and bad air quality a sufficient oxygen supply for most people as well of young age is inadequately warranted. The consequence of that is oxygen indigence of the tissue.

The insufficient supply of the cells tends to result in dysfunction of cell metabolism with wide consequences for the health. Alternative practitioner and physicians have known about that for quite a long time. Those consequences include for example many “civilized ailments” like tiredness, inefficiency, dysfunction of the immune system, sleeping disorders, arteriosclerosis, changes of the blood's flow characteristics, intestinal affection as well as cancer.

Therefore, in the past, different medical ozone- and oxygen therapies have been developed, for example the “Haematogenous Oxidation Therapy” (0OT) or the Oxygen-Multiple-Step-Therapy by Prof. Ardenne. Those therapies have proved themselves a lot in the treatment of arterial and venous circulatory disorder, cardiovascular disease s and in the field of after-treatment of heart attacks and strokes. Nevertheless, those therapies are very time-consuming and expensive because of their mechanistic and personnel build-up and they involve to some extent physical interferences.

Now you can do something yourself! And it is amazingly easy and cheap. Some time ago the ‘per oral' (applied through drinking) oxygen therapy has been developed. Through drinking of oxygen enriched water effects have been achieved which could be matched with classical oxygen therapies. There is no overdose and the consumption of oxygen water is therefore entirely risk less. The recommended drinking amount per day is 0, 5 to 1 litre.

Like after a run through the forest you feel more vital and well. Additionally, the pleasure of life can grow through the mood lifting features of the oxygen water.

The per oral oxygen therapy

In 1988 the per oral oxygen therapy (POT) was developed as an innovation in the field of medicine with success-promising perspectives by Prof. Dr. A. Pakdaman in Germany and for the first time it was used for clinical-scientific medicine.

That therapy is based on the enrichment of potable water with oxygen of 60 mg O2 per litre.

Thereby potable water has been “charged” from a normal oxygen setting of 10 mg/l up to a value of 60 mg/l. That water is about an ion-physical relationship as well as about physically solved oxygen in the drinking water.

After a per oral administration (= drinking) of oxygen enriched potable water a progression of the O2-value (= oxygen partial pressure) in the venous blood was measured.

After the enrichment of potable water with oxygen the oxygen molecules are located between the water molecules or localise themselves within the accumulated water hollow spaces which are covered by a water membrane.

In the body, that water membrane is split because of different reasons, for example warmth. Through the contact between oxygen, enriched potable water and mitochondrial tissue (adenoids , intestine, kidneys, brain, heart etc.) the water membrane is ripped open; the oxygen is released and is available for the energy balance of the cell.

Water as essential part of the body

Our body consists of approximately 60 – 75 percent of water that represents the essential part of the overall body parts.

Body parts and participation that is calculated in percent:

The percentage of water content of the body is varying according to the age:


The cell contains approximately 70 – 75 percent water. A subsidence to the half and more works cell marring. That can possibly be irreversible. It still has to be mentioned that the percentage of water content in the human body correlates to 60 – 75 percent as microcosm with the percentage of the water amount of the earth's surface and to 70,8 percent as macrocosm.

This percentage is not a coincidence but a nature-oriented matter of fact and a coordinated basis calculated within the frame of the laws of nature.

This is closely connected with water demand, water consumption, water utilisation and its existential importance for the environment as well as for the biological and bio-energetical procedures of our body.

The physiological effectiveness

Through the mechanical contact with the organ septum, the warming of 37-degree blood heat and water flow the ion-physical relationships loosen in gastrointestinal tract and rip open the covering water membrane of the oxygen. The oxygen is released.

One part of the oxygen goes directly into the unite cell structure of the gastrointestinal tract , in which several energy consumptive processes take place. Besides the absorption of food, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, also the delivery of intermediate catabolic product s is an energy consumptive process.

Approximately 60 % of the immune organs are within the gastrointestinal area that as energy intensive systems show an extreme high oxygen supply.

An improved oxygen supply of the intestine supports the growth of the helpful and essential bacteria flora. Aerobe (oxygen loving) bacteria are raised, while anaerobe (oxygen avoiding) bacteria, rottenness building bacteria and fungi are hindered at their growth.

The gastrointestinal tract has through his anatomic structure a very large absorption area.

At an exchange area of approximately 300 m 2 , the complete mass transfer takes place. That exchange area is as well available for the diffusion of oxygen and is three times larger than the pulmonic area.

Study of the pharmacology and toxicology

of the University of Munich

Summary of the effect of oxygen enriched water,

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Forth, Munich, 13 th December 2000


“The educational books have to be rewritten”. That balance we draw from the study about the effect of the oxygen-enriched water on the organism.

The previous doctrine assumes that the human organism absorbs oxygen only over the lungs and the skin. The research of the Walther-Straub-Institute for pharmacology and toxicology of the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich showed surprising results. Through the absorption of oxygen-enriched water from a specific concentration the organism gets additional oxygen. The oxygen releases itself in the stomach, diffuses through the stomach septum, accumulates the venous blood in the blood capillaries of the stomach septum and leads to a high increase of the oxygen in the abdominal cavity.

Via that possibility every viscera, especially liver, milt, pancreas, kidneys, gallbladder and intestine are additionally provided with oxygen. A precondition is at least 45 mg O2/l oxygen enrichment and according to our present knowledge, we can estimate the following effects mentioned below.

Increased efficiency


The drinking of oxygen-enriched water leads to a natural way of increasing the sportive and physical training. With the help of the oxygenation in the gastrointestinal tract more glycogen is developed in the liver that is used for the internal burning transactions in the muscles and therefore the capacity is raised.


The taking of oxygen-enriched water leads generally to higher capacity and activation of the “intellect” and especially symptoms of fatigues are moderated. The elevated oxygen availability in the liver serves a better fat and glucoses utilisation. The body can use the energy from supplied food much better. That means that a student or a pupil, for example, can concentrate himself much better at an exam. An employee who takes oxygen-enriched water at lunch break is still fully efficient also in the afternoon although the capacity decreases in the lunch hour for usually clearly, in the afternoon low.

The oxygen enrichment in the liver helps in every state with intellectual need for energy, for example during stress to make energy available fast from body own reserves and the supplied food. Therefore, oxygen-enriched water is of use to persons that are in the occupation under strong, intellectual burden, for example, to manage stress better. In addition, we could determine that people, who must auto-drive more frequently and longer, business people, commuters, truck drivers etc, remain fit and concentrated longer.


The liver is the natural “detoxication centre” of the organism. The additional oxygen supply lets an intensification of the decontamination processes expected before the background of the biochemical circumstances proved in the study.

The liver plays a key role in all oxygen processes. These are as well strongly supported by oxygen-enriched water. That can mean that the body forgives the “everyday sins” more easily. In detail that means:

  • elevated fatty consumption, as it is the case of many people on the today's agenda, is intercepted since the extra oxygen has an effect favourably on the fatty metabolism.
  • Coffee and black tea are less dubious since coffeine and theine are reduced faster.
  • Alcohol uses additional oxygen in the liver. The result is a sub supply of the liver with oxygen, which leads to liver cirrhosis with continued strong alcohol pleasure.
  • That sub supply can ideally be compensated through oxygen-enriched water.
  • With smokers, oxygen-enriched water reduces the burden of the organism evoked through nicotine consumption.
  • Medications are reduced better by the liver. Therefore, oxygen-enriched water is ideal for all, that must take medications constantly or over longer time. Vice-versa that means also for the treating doctor, that a careful supervision of the patient is necessary, if with the therapy hoped, desired effects should enter and take place.


All kind of portal hypertension , for example liver fibrosis, liver cirrhosis, fatty liver, toxic and infectious hepatitis.


It is to be assumed that oxygen-enriched water can provide relief for asthma-patients.

The enrichment of molecular oxygen within the abdomen effects that the blood in the veins takes the oxygen out of the abdomen and transports it further on (oxygenation of the venous organism).

That leads to a better oxygen supply of the whole organism. That can especially have a positive effect on a reduced oxygen input over the lungs, for example with asthma bronchial or obstructive lung illness.


Oxygen-enriched water is a new hope in prophylaxis of cancer illnesses of the inner organs, like liver, biliary system, gastrointestinal tract, uterus, ovaries as well as ureters.

That is because oxygen-enriched water bends forward in all provision neoplastic processes in the stomach area, since the increase of the oxygen supply decreases the anaerobe metabolism events in degenerated cells. It therefore contributes to the reduction of the tumour growth and prevents the spread of metastases.

It can also be assumed that oxygen-enriched water can support the treatment of cancer ailments and that it helps to reduce the number of the necessary irradiations (radiation tomcat) as well as the respective chemotherapeutic dose.

It could already be shown in the experimental stage that the sensitisation of a tumour raises opposite radiation and chemotherapy if oxygen is administered at the same time. Therefore, the triple irradiation dose is required without oxygen, for example, about the same number at tumour cells to mortify.

Therapy and prophylaxis of diseases

It is very likely that oxygen-enriched water can be used for therapy and prophylaxis of the named diseases with the following symptoms:

Diseases of inner organs: the supply of oxygen-enriched water via the stomach has been proved to lead to an increase of the oxidative metabolism in the stomach area with its organs and all vessels of the stomach area. Therefor oxygen-enriched water can be suitable especially to the treatment of all diseases that go hand in hand with the oxygen supply of those organs.


Diabetes mellitus and other metabolic disorders

With diabetes mellitus the formation of glycogen in the liver is, among other things, disturbed. The oxygen supply causes additional glycogen to be formed in the liver.

The symptoms of the illness are moderated. There is the hope that a diabetes patient by drinking oxygen-enriched water can reduce the daily insulin dose.

Further metabolic disorders, on which oxygen-enriched water favourably has an effect, are:


Innate metabolism disturbances with restricted glucose utilisation



Oxygen-enriched water can help those fast who suffer from fever. The elevated oxygen preparation for the liver evens out the increased energy need, that is interconnected with all feverish conditions.

Moreover, oxygen-enriched water (+ minerals) deliver(s) valuable minerals to the body and evens out the liquid loss evoked through strong perspiration.


The pleasure of oxygen-enriched water is an increase in life feeling above all for older people.

The better oxygen supply of the inner organs and vessels as well as the entire organism arranges the feeling of more vitality and well-being.

Furthermore, the hope exists that the higher oxygen availability eases many symptoms of typical old-age illnesses, like for example diabetes, breathing difficulty, more inferior capability etc.

Storage illnesses

Ischemic illnesses of the intestine and their consequences

All illnesses and conditions that come along with an elevated energy need of the liver, for example faulty and lack nutrition, inflammations.

Poisoning symptoms

and drug therapies

Liver diseases, as liver cirrhosis, liver infarct, liver neurosis, in all forms, liver abscess (with hepatitis or fungus poisoning), liver obesity, liver tumour, hepatitis, liver coma and liver insufficiency.


It very often is observed, that oxygen-enriched water helps to ease tiredness and listlessness during pregnancy.

Moreover it provides an improved oxygen supply of the foetus via the placenta with big probability. The better oxygen supply of the inner organs causes that the mother's increased metabolism can be achieved more easily during pregnancy.

Especially the “Bohr Effect” causes a better oxygen supply of the placenta. The “Bohr Effect” eases the oxygen reception in the lungs and the oxygen depositing in the tissue as well as the oxygen reception of the foetuses via the placenta.


Some suppliers of low measured oxygen (20 mg/l) spread the opinion that higher dosage should be avoided with reference to an alleged cancer danger of oxygen-radicals.

However, that thesis is not approved through any medical research.

In the named study of the WSI, it was proved in the opposite that a lower dosage is fully ineffective. A concentration of up to 150 mg/l can be regarded as completely harmless since the venous blood is not enriched more strongly with it, as the arterial blood through the lung.

However, it can be assumed that the pleasure of 1,5 litres of 150 mg/l oxygen-enriched water daily is completely harmless.

The revolutionary study results let further researches appear desirable.

Oxidative Stress

Through an incongruity between the appearance and the destructive effect of free radicals and the body's protection mechanisms, like antioxidants and scavengers, the result will be oxidative stress and respectively distress.

As target for oxidative stress and radical destruction, one can mention, amongst others, aminoacidemia like L-Cysteine, L-Methionine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Tyrosine and L-Tryptophan. On the other hand, it is to be said that the biological system is always threatened and destroyed by the activated oxygen derivates.

Among other things the cell membrane belongs to the main points of attacks of those radicals, in particular their lipid portion, their ionic channels, regulation pump and membrane receptor.

It emerges a defective extraction of energy and a disturbed electron current, dysfunction of the mitochondrial respiratory chain, disordered transmission of information and signals as well as interferences of the cell-mediated communication that eventually cause changes of the morphological field and respectively diseases (rheumatic medical conditions, arthrosis, arteriosclerosis, heart attacks, inflammation, swelling, allergies, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, chemo- and radiation therapy medical conditions, aging process and many more.)

The body fights against such destructive procedures through activating the body's protection mechanisms, or rather with the antioxidants and scavengers.

The population groups that suffer from a lack of antioxidants and scavengers show a substandard tumour risk. Therefore, the therapies of those people have to include those protection mechanisms, respectively enzymes of metal, vitamins, and trace elements etc., which also have to be controlled.At the development of apoptosis, one assumes a connection between free radicals or rather reactive oxygen derivates. Because of that hypothesis, the oxidative stress as mediator is held responsible for apoptosis (programmed cell death).

The healing power of the water

Water supports the renal function and improves the expulsion of the uric binding substances.

It improves the function of the gastrointestinal passage like a better expulsion

of degradation products and intestinal restructuring

Supports the stimulation and modulation of the immune stations of the immune system localized in the intestinal area

Supports the metabolism activities in the bodySupports the detoxification- and cleaning processes through expulsion of degradation- and toxic substances of the body

Improves the heart-circulation function and optimises the blood circulation

Acts as best dissolver, supports the transport of the food and of

energy establishing substances as well as of medication in the body to the

target organ through the smoothest(finest) vascular capillary

Supports the self-regulation effect through regulation in the area of the water-, electrolyte- and heat balance

Supports and stabilises the function of the CNS (central nervous system). A water deficiency at the brain and in the area of the neurons can lead to serious damages and dysfunctions.

All body juices (blood, urine, saliva, gall and gastric juice …) consist to a great extent of water and operatewith its help

A strong water deficiency in the body is leading to a cellular- and organic structural- and functional dysfunction with psychic and mental involvement that can finally lead to death

Water regulates and stabilises the energy procedures of the cell like the function of the ionic canals and mitochondria as well as ADP-ATP-synthesis and the function of the respiratory chain

Water is an electric dipole and a biological, effective, memory-provided, energy- and information storing and giving, existential elixir.

Quality improvement of the water after enrichment with


The water analysis after the enrichment with oxygen shows positive constitutional changes like increasing of oxygen and reduction of the nitrate content of the water.

Both of those parameters play an important role at the drinking water purification. Furthermore, with the help of modern technology or rather with the new enrichment construction it has been made possible to eliminate the harmful substances from the water, like plump, cadmium, quicksilver etc., and at the same time to reduce possible available micro organisms.

At last, one gets potable water with a much better quality, optimal oxygen- and energy content as well as low nitrate content.

The possible uses of oxygen water are that multifunctional that a revolution in health care and in the prevention of diseases seems to be possible.

Demonstrably the capillary pressure is stronger increased with oxygen water than only with oxygen that is absorbed beyond the respiration via the lungs using an oxygen mask.

Varied applications of the potable oxygen

At the consumption of oxygen water, the oxygen arrives via the gastrointestinal-portal canal into the blood circulation that provides many organs with extra servings of oxygen. For the most important ones like heart and brain, the increased oxygen supply is of particular importance. Heart-circulation diseases demand many deaths in the civilised world.

Stress through acidity withdraws the myocardial muscle a large part of the oxygen, the heart clenches with the well-known consequences of an infarct event.

Oxygen water levels out the acidic stress and provides the myocardial muscle with sufficient oxygen. The brain, also dependent on continuous oxygen supply, thanks the added supply with enhanced capacity of memory.

A local oxygen deficiency always develops during all chronic diseases and disease processes over a longer period; thus there is also a large application area for oxygen water. In the emergency treatment with oxygen an entire new field could be opened.

The obstetrics could be accompanied by oxygen water if women who give birth to a baby are at the end of their strengths.

When it comes to infarct events, oxygen water taken precautionary, could help the scenario because the myocardial muscle would be provided well with oxygen and consequently the viscosity and flowing capability of the blood would be improved.

An optimised blood circulation after operative interventions could turn out to be rescuing one's life. Actually, with the help of high-valued nutriment and oxygen water would be produced more energy in the convalescence and that would lead to a faster invigoration. During the cancer after treatment the oxygen inheres a specific importance because the patient can enhance his cell metabolism by himself at home, can train the immune system and thus he can work against the cancer event.

First text proved that sport performances through drinking of oxygen water could be measurably increased. That is not only of interest to the long-time professional athlete but also to the recreational athlete who after word needs a kick to indulge his sportive ambition with delight.

Other approved application possibilities can be found in the diminishment of the arteriosclerosis, reduction of aging processes, enhancement of the effectiveness of the medications, improvement of the blood circulation, increase in efficiency in profession and sport, in the psychic stabilisation and many more.

Oxygen sources recede rapidly!

There are scientific proofs that the oxygen concentration within the atmosphere slowly decreases … “Today oxygen-booths and portable oxygen-cylinders come regularly into use in Japan because people do not get enough oxygen to breath out of the highly polluted air anymore.”

Dr. John Muntz, Ph.D.


“The more oxygen we have in our body the more energy we produce.

To understand is more important than ever today.”

Dr. Norman Mc Vea, Ph.D.


Today's lifestyle rapes our body the oxygen!

“All chronic pains, suffering and diseases are caused by oxygen deficiency at the cell level.”

Dr. Arthur C. Guyton, M.D.

The Textbook on Medical Physiology

“Cancer has only one primary cause: the change of normal oxygen respiration of the body cells to anaerobic (oxygen indigent) respiration.”

Dr. Otto Warburg

Nobel Prize laureate for cancer research

“Diseases are, simply said, the consequence of deficiency of oxidation processes within the body that lead to concentrations of poisons. Those poisons would be properly scorched within a normal functional metabolism.”

Dr. Albert Wahl, M.D.

“Not enough oxygen means not enough biologic energy. That in turn can involve everything from a soft-gloved exhaustion to a drastic disease. The connection between oxygen deficiency and disease has itself very strongly established.”

Dr. W. Spencer Way, M.D.

Journal of the American Association of Physicians


Oxygen is existentially important!

“Oxygen is the source of life of all cells. All serious diseases are accompanied by too low oxygen status.

Oxygen deficiency in the body tissue is a secure indicator of a disease… It is also the real cause for all degenerative diseases.” Dr. Stephen Levin, Ph.D

Molecular Biologist and Geneticist

“Oxidation is the source of life. Deficiency of it causes diseases, its absence death.”

Dr. Eugene Blass, Ph.D.

„Oxygen-Therapy: Its Development, Goal & Result”

“If deficiencies of less vital elements like vitamins, minerals and enzymes can rape the human body of its health and vitality, how much greater damage has to arise out of the oxygen deficiency, the element that is generally accepted as the vital of life?”

“Townsend Letter for Doctors


What do health professionals say? 

Dr. med. Alois RIEDLER

The aquatic human being

The beginning of life 

It lasted approximately 3 to 4 billion years from the game between sun and water until lives originated on the earth. The far longest period of that evolution took place in the ancestral ocean. However, even if the human being has left the seas for a long time, his/her life still begins, as a seed cell, with a water content of 98 to 99 percent.

Also as infants, the human being still has an water content of 90 percent. However, when growing older vitality of living structures increases in fact to the same extent as go content.

Therefore, the human organism has as a child approximately 70 percent of water content, the grown-up approximately 65 percent and the elderly human being only approximately more than 60 percent. That shows us clearly the special meaning of water for our organism.

Water is our most important “food” besides the air we breathe. From the 2 to 3 litres of water that we should drink daily, we get approximately one and a half litre as a liquid and the rest we consume in form of food.

Materially, water is seen as an inorganic substance - one could also say a mineral substance. It consists of the gas hydrogen and the gas oxygen.


The water supply

A human being with a weight of 70 kg holds 60 percent of water in his cells, 30 percent of water lies between the cells and 10 percent in the blood vessels.

Even if our blood vessel system with 10 percent contains only the smallest part of the liquid measurements (approximately 5 to 6 litres), we should not underestimate its meaning. An intact vessel system is absolutely essential.

Besides the blood vessels, we still have the lymphoid system that is not quite known so well.

The blood vessels are often represented as a type of water pipe system that brings the liquid to the cells, while the lymphoid system owns canals that then distribute the liquid.

This picture is not completely correct since important processes also take place in the lymphoid tissue.

Therefore, the lymph nodes work, for example, like filter stations. Waste products are reduced and substances are carried away, but also valuable materials are supplied.

It becomes problematic, if the vessel system narrows and is congested, that means, if the vessels are calcified and no sufficient blood river can take place anymore. Each second fatality in Austria is created because of such an embolism in the heart (heart attack), in the brain (stroke) or in the legs (gangrene).

Waste-dump body

In the basic module of our body - in the cell - we find the bulk of our body liquid. The approximately 13 billion cells in our organism live more or less embedded in water.

In the cell the metabolism – the actual construction and receipt of our body – takes place. Here, the materials are changed; materials that come in are rebuilt and composed again. They shift their composition and functions, therefore the term "metabolisms". All areas of our body depend directly on the work of the cells.

Between the cells, the adenoid tissue and the blood vessels, another important water bearing area that was neglected very much in the researches until now, however still exists: the area between the cells.

This cell gap contains loose structures, that we name the "connective tissue". In the connective tissue there are nerve fibres and connective tissue fibres which are in a fine grid work that amounts the actual fine structure of the connective tissue.

The fence network is extraordinarily complex built out of sugar and protein and has an immense fortune to store water. Each substance that wants into the cell must go out of the blood vessel canals and through that fine strainer. The idea that a few thin turn-offs go into the cell from the blood vessels is wrong. The entire metabolism, the material transportation and in addition the oxygen must go through that complex field.

This strainer system has a similar function like our kidneys. However, it can also store substances. Normally, undesirable materials must again be secreted from the body, for example via the kidneys, the intestine or the lung. Everything, which cannot be secreted via the usual organs, is deposited in the body, in fact in that loose connective tissue with its complex three-dimensional area grids. Here, the settlements take place. The waste dump of the body is here.

Primarily sour metabolism final products that our body produces are deposited. Normally, these products become the urine acidity via the kidney, for example, they are eliminated via the lung as carbonic acid and as well via the skin. If, however, the body cannot do that anymore, it deposits the materials in the connective tissue. These sugar protein networks have a very high storage capacity.

However, not only metabolism final products are stored but also all superfluous substances and pollutants brought from outside - also such that are supplied with the water. Pesticides and heavy metals that exert as well as a destructive effect on the tissue in addition, are especially problematic.

If we store only one gram, that we cannot retire, in our organism daily, that is 365 grams a year, in 10 years 3,65 kilograms and in 50 or 60 years 22 kilograms. The consequence of that slagging is, however, not only weight gain, but also an acidification and an obesity of the connective tissue that happens at the same time.

Through the slagging and obesity, the natural passage from the blood vessel to the cells becomes ever more difficult. Where relatively free access was possible earlier on, now, with getting older, there is solid substance now that hinders the flow more and more.

The organism tries to equalize by increasing the pressure in the vessel system. In the civilized countries, therefore one quite naturally accepts that at higher age also the blood pressure rises. However, high blood pressure is only an expression of the always more badly nascent permeability that inter tissue, has not yet advanced until into the knowledge of orthodox medicine. The inter cell tissue is, so to speak, in the no man's land of medicine.

The organism therefore increases its pressure in the vessel system. If that pressure becomes too high, the doctor is visited. However, instead of finding the reason for why the pressure has raised at all the doctor only prescribes a medication to lower the high pressure again. He/She does not ask for the cause and no meaningful correction takes place, then, the total gets worse even more. The body gets a chemical substance, that admittedly lowers the pressure, but simultaneously it lowers the supply of liquid of the cells.

Furthermore, a synthetic material is brought in with the medication into the body that is deposited under certain circumstances again in the connective tissue, because it cannot be secreted. In addition, high blood pressure is not digestible permanently. One day the vessels will break and it could come to a stop of the circulation.

However, before that situation happens, there are already problems on the cell level. The cell gets fewer and fewer “food” and is under bigger stress, until finally its function weakens and perishes.

However, there is another even more dangerous possibility. Each cell carries the memory of its entire development. It knows that it once was an one-cell being many generations ago.

If the food supply now collapses, archaic mechanisms from the dawn of the cell are activated again. In order to be able to survive, the cell begins to become autonomous, and starts to grow further. The cell knows that it only can survive when it grows fast, it divides itself fast and it takes no regard on its surroundings. That relapse into a primary pattern never appears arbitrarily but always originates from a situation live threatening for the cell.

All widespread diseases like heart and brain attacks, rheumatism, cancer or osteoporosis are connected inseparably with those slagging states, the hyperacidity and the reduced oxygen supply. They are final conditions of decades of faulty functions and sneaking onward processes of the organism and particularly of the connective tissue. Unfortunately, many people are so nonsensitive that they only then become alert when the catastrophe has already happened.

Here, the bow closes to the water because through high-quality water, through water that is in the situation to be solvent, we can provide the cleaning of our connective tissue. Not for nothing, it is the abstinence, especially important, high-quality water exactly with the most intensive cleaning process, that we know, to supply with best solvent qualities, that means water, that is not limited already in its capacity through materials contained in it.

It must be traded years and decades before admission of a catastrophe.


The „robber-knights“ of the organism – the free radicals

Source of danger “free radicals”

Like a modern specter they haunt in the mind of healthy and sick people over the past years. They are not to dismiss from the media news anymore, as well as from relevant publications mainly concerning the topic cancer: the free radicals.

The outcome of that are real horror scenarios but at least we know what really conceals behind it.

Naturally, oxygen water is discredited as well in that connexion. Critics and detractors agree here very quick about it. Here lurks the potential source of danger, because here in the oxygen water is a high – and therefore automatically a detrimental – concentration of oxygen. One then infers hastily from it - where much oxygen is, there also court radicals can not be far away.

To be able to make an appreciation of free radicals as danger sources, one should be aware what stands behind radicals in general and especially what oxygen radicals hide in the particular. By definition radicals are particles (atoms, molecules, ions) with one or several unpaired electrons, which are very escharotic. In order to be able to understand the relevant connections better, the nuclear model is expounded here in coarse trains.

Atoms and molecules are built from orbitals. With orbitals, in this context is meant the spatial stay of the negatively loaded particles, of the electrons. For chemical reactions, only those electrons play a role while the atomic nucleuses with its protons and neutrons can be neglected. According to the laws of the quantum mechanics, each orbital can pick up at most two electrons; more electrons cannot be bound. The complete cast of an orbital with two electrons therefore produces the energy-poorest condition and therefore the most stable one.

In the reverse this means that an orbital busy with only one electron reaches an energetically higher, butun stable condition and through it conditionally possesses a higher reactivity. It is the motive force of chemical realizations to always reach the condition of the energy-poorest state – therefore a radical also always tries to enter a combination with other particles as quickly as possible in order to gain a stable condition again after the reaction.

The second characteristic of free radicals - besides their high reactivity – is their low selectivity, thus a certain "indiscriminateness". In order to be able to cause only a quickl reaction, they are not very select but respond unchecked with everything what offers itself to them. If these are body-own substances – for example enzymes or components of the DNS, on which the genetic information is anchored –, damages can be caused. This explains which potential dangers come from the free radicals.

Interesting is the water dissipation

in the human body. The highest water content organ is so to say the blood. The next one that follows, however, is the brain, which may everybody surprise, but in its importance fits exactly in the general view of “the human in cosmos”. Off the heart, nearly everybody knows that it is assigned to the sun. Off the brain, though, one not directly expects that it is assigned to the moon. Our cunning brain, an organ that only reflects the mind like the moon the light of the sun?

Sometimes ones previous worldview suddenly turns upside down if one looks at the world and the cosmos together with their appearances a little differently and more comprehensively.

Moon and water have a lot in common or rather have an affinity that we know of ebb and flood or of the climbing of the juices within the plants at waxing moon. However, also other phenomena like the bad sleep at full moon or even somnambulism or sleep-walking let us think about those coherences differently if we look at the relatively high water content of the brain and its classification to the moon principle. But back to the water in our body. Via the body water inside the cells as well as outside the cells, work all life processes. Water is used as thermal conduction, as means of transport, as dissolver, as cash system, as adjustment for the heat balance, as extender and cushioning and not at last as cleaning vehicle.

The latter meaning of the water I want to discuss in a little more detail. Per Diem in our kidneys approximately 180 litres of liquid are excreted, filtered and up to approximately 2 litres are reabsorbed again. During that process, vital substances like proteins and several minerals are reabsorbed, while in contrast other substances are excreted. The excreted substances are called urine-binding substances. Those consist of different salts, uric acids and other acids, heavy metals and degradation products of the metabolism. If our kidneys cannot handle those cleaning work anymore, the body will be sneaky gradually poisoned with abnormal fatigue, tiredness and inactivity, concentration breakdown, high blood pressure and suchlike.

Precedes that progress the whole body will be poisoned, the so-called uraemia (kidney failure) takes place. If here does not at once an artificial clarification or rather a cleaning of the blood via the renal dialysis take place or a renal transplantation, the person will die. It is, though, especially the amount of heavy metals in our food or the extra supplies of salts via food or beverages that burden the kidneys and so in the course of time they block so to say the fine canals of the kidneys. Consequently, the expulsion rate of the organ declines and the organism will be over-mineralised.


Consequences of the over-mineralization

are, however, an increase of the pH-level in the blood and a reduction of the rho-level, thus a reduction of the resistance level. That is a milieu in the organism that can create dangerous vessel diseases (arteriosclerosis with calcification) and cancer as well or rather can be found at that diseases.

Even the ornateness of the organism with inorganic mineral salts is one of the main factors for the aging process.

It is consistently amazing that even in medical circles mineral is equal mineral, though there are extremely important differences from the biological point of view.


Inorganic mineral salts 

are for our organism practically not utilisable and they actually are burdens. They accumulate for example at cholesterol crystals and then form hardening spot sagely in the vessels and narrowing, also called arteriosclerotic plaques.

As already mentioned, in the course of time they as well lead to functional restriction of the kidneys. You already know that effect from the water pipes that are calcified when there is too much calcium in the water.

For our organism only such are minerals utilisable that are bounded to organic substances like for example amino acids. The pharmaceutical industry has considered those problems quite a long time and now bounds the minerals to organic substances like citrate, gluconate, oronate, etc. …

Thus, the so-called bioavailability of the minerals can be considerably increased. Bioavailability means that an applied substance will also be implemented in the tissue or may rather be evidenced in the organism.

The steadily increasing consumption of mineral water in recent years correlates with an increase of diseases of the vessel system with consequences like disturbed blood flows, heart attacks and strokes. Our general urge for more matter, thus for the material, reflects in our organism as well as in our so-called environment. The “too much” of food and minerals blocks our corporal transportation routes that are our blood vessels, like too much cars block our streets. In both cases accumulation occurs, and at that point of accumulation the stream of life is interrupted and an infarction happens. One also speaks from a gridlock at leaving ajar comparison of a heart attack.

It is an already interesting observation in life that that leads “more and more, always further, higher and faster” to the opposite, namely to the slowdown, to the accumulation.

Here we have to recollect ourselves at several millenniums old worldly wisdoms. Laotse, the great sage Chinas once said:


“In the reduction lies the increase!”

That prediction is even true for the quality of our potable water. That the potable water should not contain heavy metals, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, viruses, bacteria, chlorine, nitrate and other chemicals, that is understandable for everybody. That our potable water should contain few minerals, thus few salts, causes fear for many people and as well for physicians.

The minerals in water exist exclusively in inorganic form and are consequently not to useful for the mineral household of the body.

Our body can absorb minerals only in organic fixed form. In that form they are included in every plant, in fruits, vegetables, dairy products and as well in animal products. What, however, out of technical, consumption complimentary and reasons of durability the food of salts is added is inorganic nature and is therefore once again a strain, if a certain amount is transcend.

The best way to cover our mineral demands beyond preferably untreated, not heated vegetable, salads, fruits and dairy products.

Our potable water is in the first instance a dissolver and cleanser. Good potable water should have a pH-level of 6,7 – 6,9 and a rho-level of approximately 6.000 Ohm.

The latter value, also called resistance value, mostly lies for conventional tap water and potable water between 1.500 and 2.500 Ohm and is therefore much too low or rather the concentration of minerals or electrographic electrolytes is too high.


The higher the Ohm-value

the better the cleanser value of the water. The lower the Ohm-value, the less cleaning effect has the water in our organism. Interesting, though, is, for example, that during blood densification with the after-effect of thromboses and as well with heart attacks, strokes, the so-called AIDS and cancer the resistance value in the blood highly declines because there are too many minerals in the blood.

During the occurrence of those diseases within the civilised countries the application of minerals is poor, high ohmic water almost a necessity.

Only water containing little minerals has the ability to release the body from surplus, seasoned minerals and in the truest sense of the word to get fresh air for it.

Who fears about ones minerals and an osseous decalcification because mineral poor potable water could extract calc out of the body, can leave that confidently apart.

Organic fixed minerals on no account can be dissolved from the body through mineral poor water.

What can be dissolved out of the body are inorganic minerals that are seasoned everywhere in the body as waste.

To abolish those emergency waste deposits is a contribution to an improved capacity of the organism and therefore a step towards better health.

Prof. L. C. Vincent of the anthropological Institution of the University of Paris has proved in a 13 years research project that the state of health of laboratory animals is considerably better and that they live longer, if they get high ohmic, thus mineral poor water. When they get normal water or mineral rich water, they suffer more often from disturbance of health and they also die earlier.

Water is an element that has a lot to do with emotions. Here we only have to think about crying or great pleasure. Both bring our water to flow via tears – and that works abstersive.


As a purifying helper for our body

and therefor also for our soul the use of high-ohmic reversion-osmosis-water can be seen as such a helper, if one is not able to meet the needs by food containing enough water. The reverse-osmosis is unanimous seen and recommended as the optimal cleaning method, because neither filtering via active coal (germ accumulation is too high) nor destillation (results in “dead” water) nor treatment with ion exchangers (enrichment with salt) show satisfactory results.

Maybe really clean water even purifyfies our brain, which has an obvious connection to water, as was mentioned above. If that is reached our thinking can become clearer, clear als crystal clear water, and our activities on that planet begin to fit in in the natural balance again instead of disturbing and destroying.

Oxygen for enrichment of potable water in PET or glassbottles 

The physical conservation of potable water with oxygen in PET or glasbottles can be carried out with our system without any problems also on conventional bottle filling machines.

The integration of our system is already existing systems presents no problem for us.


Through the physical conservation is the potable water almost unlimited durable.

The pH-value of the potable water is over 7.

You produce a “still fresh water”

Essential positive sanitary aspects.(More information for that purpose is available at

our company)

For the first time you have the ability to produce technical gases on you own and to be completely independent from sub-supplier.

Procedure and technical facts


The physical conservation of potable water takes place with an oxygen content of a minimum of 130mg oxygen per litre water.

The required oxygen is extracted with our constructions out of the ambient air and is inserted via our spezial developed method into the potable water.

Our delivery program and range of services includes the complete technical construction and delivery of the water supply system.


Consisting of:

Water holding tank as well as technical equipment for physical conservation of potable water. Furthermore, a complete chemical measurement technique for definition of the necessary oxygen content as well as the quality assurance of the bottle filling machines.

oxygen cashtank



Energy-O2 Water Pure, Clear, Clean, Natural, Refreshing. These are all words which evoke images of a premium bottled water and which accurately describe the newest addition to the OC Energy family, O2 Water. Upon drinking O2 Water, you will find yourself in a place of natural serenity, invoking from within the natural passion for life. Going beyond the ordinary to truly invigorate the senses, our O2 Water is highly oxygenated. Why? Highly oxygenated water is more readily absorbed into the body allowing for maximum athletic performance, increased circulation and heightened motor skills. O2 Water is the result of a unique, carefully crafted process which adds oxygen and purifies the water while leaving in just the proper amount of trace minerals needed to replenish your body and soul.

O2 Water: the essence of life.



Every school kid knows that water is made out of two parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen.

Which is why it is known as H2O.

Now imagine you could increase the amount of oxygen in the most live giving of al substances….

Nature already gives water an extra amount of oxygen (up to 7 mg L) held in suspension.

This occurs when for example waves crash onto a beach or when water rushes over rocks in rivers.

Euromedico SL say they can increase the amount of oxygen absorbed this way up to 50 Mg L.

That's just what a Spanish company has done, believing that oxygen enriched mineral water could boost energy levels, reduce heart rates, stimulate digestion or prevent and combat infections.

The technique developed by Fresh-o2 SL involves shaking oxygen and water under pressure and at high speed until the wanted amount of oxygen is absorbed by the mineral water.

The Oxygen is not pumped into the mineral water as bubbles; it is absorbed by the water and retained in suspension. The resulting mineral water is still, not fizzy.

Indeed the mineral water is said to look and taste just like it did before the oxygen enrichment treat. The oxygen enrichment treat just gives the mineral water a great number of remarkable benefits.


Natalie Falk Wilczek and Father Herbert Wilczek



So what does it taste like?

Nathalie Falk (German and World Fitness Champion) was not impressed.at first.

It tasted like still mineral water she said. The only thing I could say in its favour was that it did not leave me with the “really full” feeling I had when drinking other still mineral waters.

It was after drinking the oxygen enriched mineral water for several days that I took notice off the energy increasing effect.

Now I don't drink any other water.