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Ladies and Gentlemen:

For years now, scientific medicine and the entire health system is being publicly denounced in Europe . Drastic restrictions have caused distrust to grow in the entire European Union. The population needs to take action against this trend. A population that is increasingly searching for effective medical health methods and that is more and more ready to make use of alternative and modern treatment methods.

The concept on new alternative therapy methods as “ Biomedicine of the Future ” that I would like to introduce to you out of the land of the sun, Spain, is an extract out of my many years of experience that I acquired based on an



In cooperation with many professional athletes, F.C. Barcelona being among them, test results were recorded applying a method of drinking and inhaling oxygenated water in the


For the last 18 years in Spain I have intensively studied the world's literature on


Therapy methods based on the inhalation of oxygenated water and

therapies of drinking oxygenated water.

A retrospective analysis of the medicine of the past as well as a precise overview of the biomedicine of the present will certainly show various deficits and gaps in knowledge on OXYGEN AND WATER in the areas of research, prevention and therapy; making a future structural and functional redesign of these new biomedical possibilities necessary.

Under all of these circumstances it must be assumed that the era of present day biomedicine, with its difficulties and successes during the course of the last decades, has already reached acknowledgement as an independent field and that the transition to the biomedicine of the future is in full swing.

In the last 10 years it was possible to innovatively research into the smallest detail and test the different effects based on oxygen and water technology in the


Therapy methods based on the AIR-ENERGY-TECHNOLOGY according to the results of Viktor Schauberger , Prof. Dr. Pakdaman are to be tested for the Spanish market in the near future.

The biomedicine of the future as an existential area of empirical science must be structurally and functionally built, programmed and designed according to the requirements of the future European health reform and be applied correctly in practice.

In relation to this I would like to mention that during the last 12 years I, as cofounder of the INSTITUT –„CLUB-EUROPA“, was involved from the beginning in the procedures leading to the test results from the AIR-ENERGY- OXYGEN – INHALATION METHODS combined with the F.C.BARCELONA oxygenated water drink cure.

The INSTITUT CLUB – EUROPA“ , was built and equipped in part with self-developed biomedical equipment, machines and techniques. Immediately after completion of the CLUB-EUROPA in 1997 I was able to devote myself to therapy methods for oxygen deficiency symptoms, analysis and documentation of the test results. That documentation represents part of the content in my manuscript regarding the Energy-02 Unit Technology and oxygenated water therapy methods as Biomedicine of the future under:


An exceedingly efficient competence of novel therapy combination methods and possibilities focused on promising perspectives that allow the fact that nearly all illnesses and deficiencies can be brought into connection with a lack of oxygen. 



I came to the conclusion that I was in a position to discover new possibilities for interesting and promising therapy methods.

However, it remains difficult to travel the scientific routes and in most cases the results are determined first and only afterward the causes. To represent the opposite and to insist that for the acceptance of a therapy discovery the causes must be proven first would mean a serious blow to the advancement of mankind

Had discoveries been made based on such a consideration, penicillin for example would only have been accepted 37 years after its discovery by Flemming in 1928. That is only after J. Park and J. Stromanger found out independently from one another in 1965 that penicillin inhibits the development of cross-interlacing, the final stage in the biosynthesis of the cell wall.

A wait and see attitude, as suggested by many so-called scientists would have been a great asininity. How many lives would have been lost during the last 38 years only for not making use of this extraordinary discovery?

I suggest joining modern therapy combinations based on AIR-ENERGY–UNIT–TECHNOLOGY using oxygenated water with other health practices. Due to their special significance for health and in the interests of the European community as biomedicine of the future they should be more precisely researched, worked on, analyzed, evaluated and documented.

Naturally, this new epoch requires a rethinking with a new European view containing new building blocks and dimensions. Based thereupon the Biomedicine of the future should be redesigned, structured and constructed based on the motto:


“ Spain Healthy Enjoyment”

Abovementioned reasons are why we are interested in further research with you. We would be very pleased to constructively collaborate with you regarding the realization of our hypotheses for the design of new possibilities described above.

Kind regards,